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Organic Baby - Protecting Your Baby From the Chemical Onslaught

Those of us who care for our babies and older children (and surely that is the vast majority of parents) should be very much aware of everything that our offspring eat, breathe, drink and touch, and have injected into them. The 20th century saw a massive surge in the use of largely untested and uncontrolled synthetic chemicals, reaping $billions in profits for the large chemical companies, and an increased risk of sickness and serious illness to adults, children and babies alike. There is no wonder there is an ever growing demand for organic food, and many other organic products. The organic baby has arrived.

What can parents realistically do to help protect babies from the chemical invasion? Here is a summary of the type of products that are available for an organic baby, and they go well beyond the organic food you may buy from your local organic farm. (Please note, further information will be added soon on each of these baby product types.)

Organic Baby Food

This is what most parents will think of when deciding their baby will be better protected if they "go organic." They are right, the food our children consume is a very important part of the organic baby movement.

Organic Baby Bedding

The bedding you use in the nursery is something you may not have associated with going organic. However, bear in mind that your baby will spend a lot of time in her nursery, and the fibers in the crib will be close to her for many ours every day. They will also be touching her skin. If you want to go natural with baby's bedding, finding genuine organic products may not be at all easy. Bear in mind, although materials such as cotton may be natural, they are usually contaminated with chemicals. You need to be sure that the natural fiber you use is not contaminated, but should be guaranteed organic through whatever organisation approves the organic designation in your country.

Organic Diapers and Other Baby Essentials

With demand for organic products growing rapidly, you should have little trouble finding organic, or at least eco-friendly, bay essentials. Organic baby wipes, diapers, nappy balm, bottom butter are just some of the types of products you might us for your baby.

Organic Baby Clothing

The comments made above under baby bedding above also applies to baby clothes. There are a number of companies who specialize in eco friendly and organic baby clothes, and we will be adding more information to our baby clothes section soon.


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