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Baby Shoes

Also: Buying the First Baby Shoes

It's a wonderful time when your baby first starts to toddle around on their feet. Yes, it's a time of great adventure, danger and fun for the baby, and maybe nerve wracking for those with valuable porcelain decorating their homes. It is also the time when parents have to take the plunge and go out and buy baby shoes, and not just those booties that look cute on the baby lying in the crib.

By the time you buy the first baby shoes, baby is starting to develop tastes of her own in all things, so do not be surprised when you buy shoes that she soon shoes a preference for one pair of shoes over another. In my daughter Saffron's case, she was quick to take a liking to a pair of red boots, and a reluctance to wear open sandals or other baby shoes.

Saffron's taste in baby shoes may not seem too much of a surprise, until you consider that we live in a tropical country. While her mother is Filipina, Saffron has inherited my English thermostat it seems, and sweats even more than I do. To me, boots are the last thing I would want to wear, but she has other ideas.

Those red boots were worn for several months in preference to their cooler counterparts: open baby shoes. When it was time to go out, she would point to her red boots; if she wanted to go in the garden, she would pick up her red boots, and at 14 months or so was trying, sometimes successfully, to put them on herself, albeit on the wrong feet sometimes.

But there is no doubting, those red boots were the favourite baby shoes in our shoe stand. Mostly, baby shoes never have the chance to get worn, but Saffron somehow managed to wear out her red boots. At 18 months, they were replaced by pink boots.

Some babies do show some early sign of showing pride in their appearance, and even fashion consciousness. Saffron is quite a young fashion model as she prepares to go out now, at 19 months.

(Update: see her picture below at just over two years. The photographer told her to sit down, but she had her own agenda.).

Infant in red boots















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