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Baby Showers

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For those of you who live in a country where baby showers are the norm, or at least practised, then you may want to arrange a baby shower for a close friend. If you are pregnant for the first time, and have not experienced a baby shower before, then you may not have an idea what to expect, even if there is something you need to be doing yourself.

First of all, though, for those who have never heard of, or really know what a baby shower is, let me assure you it is nothing to do with having septuplets or any other multiple birth. A baby shower is a celebration, a rite of passage for the forthcoming birth of a baby.

When Is A Baby Shower Held?

It is usual for a baby shower to be held during a pregnancy, although sometimes these days it can be held after the birth. The baby shower tradition, though, is during pregnancy. The precise timing is really a matter of common sense. Too early in the pregnancy, and there is the risk that something may go wrong with the pregnancy after the baby shower. Too late, and the mum could be in hospital having the baby prematurely.

Around the eighth month of pregnancy is a sensible time to organise a baby shower. Once fixed on that, you can sound out those on the guest list to find a precise date will suit as many as possible. It is best to start to organize a few weeks in advance, and get the invitations out in good time for people to avoid clashes, say 2-3 weeks before the date of the baby shower.

Who Organises A Baby Shower?

Traditionally, baby showers have been organised by a close friend of the mother-to-be. However, over recent years it has become more common for a family member to organise a baby shower, but it is still best to consult with the best friends of the new mum to co-ordinate arrangements.

Can a pregnant woman organise her own baby shower? Well, it does happen, but most people would probably not think it good manners to do so. However, once there is a baby shower in the offing, the organiser should certainly consult the guest of honour over details. There would be no point organising the baby celebration for a date when she is going to be away, or to leave people off the guest list who she would want to be in attendance.

Are Formal Invitations Needed For A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are not anything like as formal as a wedding, or even a baptism, so the form of a baby shower invitation is really a matter of personal taste and choice. If it is normal amongst your circle of friends to have formal written or printed invitations for a party, there is now reason why the baby shower invitation should not be subject to the same. Conversely, if you think it can all be arranged, with everyone being notified and attended, just by telephone and word of mouth, then that is fine also.

One other thing to bear in mind is that most people, when they have a baby, do like little mementoes, to keep in a "scrap" book or souvenir box. A baby shower is an event in the baby’s life, so as such makes a nice memento.

Those are just some of the basics to do with baby showers, and other details are considered elsewhere on this website.

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