Lots of Baby Nursery Theme Ideas

More ideas For Baby Nursery Themes

Although you’ve probably seen, or at least thought about, some of the following baby’s nursery themes, there may be a few you haven’t yet considered and you just may see the one that would be just perfect for your baby’s room:

- ABC’s and 123′s: Teach baby his or her ABC’s and 123′s right from the beginning in a nursery done with large, colorful letters and numbers. On one wall, or one section of one wall, paint it with chalkboard paint and as your baby grows, they’ll have somewhere to continue learning their letters and numbers.

- Barbie: Include cut-outs, removable appliqués, and of course, Barbie herself in a room done in muted pinks or purples.

- Bugs, butterflies, frogs, ladybugs: For bugs, butterflies and frogs, choose colors such as pastel greens, pinks, blues, and purples, and for a ladybug themed nursery, paint the walls and ceiling in bright white with black and red accents throughout the room as well as a few colorful flowers.

- Camping or the outdoors: Little boys, or girls, would love an outdoorsy, camping themed nursery with trees and plenty of animals you’d find in the woods, from baby bear cubs to baby raccoons, deer, skunks, or any one you like.

- Cartoon or comic strip characters: Take a gander at the Sunday funny pages or simply use an old childhood favorite or a beloved cartoon character and center the nursery around them.

- Celestial: Muted blues and sunny yellows with plenty of stars, the moon, and sun will transform the room into a celestial dreamland.

- Country charm: Pastel colors, flowers, and a shabby chic décor come together to create a room filled with subtle country charm.

- Colorful crayons: Stencil crayons in different colors, choosing a basic background color and have fun with a vibrant room based on one of children’s most favorite toys.

- Disney characters: Choose from any number of Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and friends as well as all of the Disney princesses and princes that have given us years of joy.

- Our Town: One of the most creative and inventive ideas for a baby nursery, whether it’s a little boy or girl, is a playhouse or play-town theme, with buildings, houses or shops painted and stenciled onto the walls.

- Raggedy Ann and Andy: Use whites, reds, and blues to create a nursery with the longtime children’s favorites, the red-haired Raggedy Ann and brother Andy.

- Shapes: Simple circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles done in different colors and shapes can be artistically done in interesting patterns and designs. Colored squares painted on the walls are also great for putting picture frames on, acting as a matte or background for the photo.

- Sports: Baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and soccer are just a few of the sports you can base the nursery around.

- Sugar and Spice: For baby girls, do the nursery in shades of pale pinks and browns for a sugar n’ spice room that will include the "everything nice" part once baby arrives home.

- Teddy bears: Baby boys and girls both love cuddly teddy bears. Paint the walls in a light beige and add either light pink, blue, or yellow accents along with teddy bears on shelves and maybe even a few strategically placed paw prints scattered about the room.

- Tropical oasis: Swaying palm trees, blue, sunny skies and a cerulean ocean will turn the nursery into a tropical island oasis.

- Winnie the Pooh: This beloved children’s character has withstood the test of time and Winnie and friends are perfect for any baby’s or toddler’s room.

Finally, here are just a few more simple ideas to consider for your baby’s nursery:

- Hello Kitty
– Farm, barnyard animals
– Flowers, wildflowers
– Nautical
– Noah’s Ark
– Outer space
– Peanuts and Snoopy
– Puppies, kittens
– Princess’ castle
– Water wonderland
– Western

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